Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Baby and his motherLosing weight after pregnancy can be quite a challenge for some people. It takes a lot of work and dedication. However, if you commit to it, it is possible to get back to where you were before you were pregnant.

The first step in losing the weight is changing the way that you eat. You need to start watching your calories and making healthy meals a priority. Add in more fruits and veggies and try to avoid sugary snacks if you can.

Coming up with healthy meals can really help you get back into healthier eating habits. Make your shopping list based on healthy meals and don’t bring the unhealthy stuff into your house. That will make life much easier for you.

Besides watching what you eat you need to be exercising regularly. Trying to get a workout in with a baby or small child can be quite difficult. Luckily there are some options for you to try.

Walking is a very good way to lose that pregnancy weight. You can put your child in a stroller and take off for as long as you are able to. Try doing this at least three times a week and you will see a difference. For example celebrities like Kim Kardashain lose weight with 3 workouts per week.

If you are able to make time to get to a gym, that is another option. A lot of gyms do have childcare which will allow you to go even when you are home with the children. Getting into a regular gym routine will create healthier habits and will allow you to start losing weight.

Try not to worry if it takes you a while to get back to your goal weight. A lot of times it can take a while to see results. As long as you work hard and stay committed to it, you will eventually be where you want to be.

Physiotherapy Can Help You Stay Fit

physiotherapyIf you’re a keen gym goer, Boot Camp goer, or recreational athlete it’s more than likely that you will pick up an injury from time to time. It could be quite a simple injury such as a muscle strain or minor ligament sprain, or you could have a more debilitating and painful problem such as low back pain, a fracture, or even need treatment and rehabilitation post surgery.


If this is the case then you would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist who can assess your injury, design you a treatment plan and let you know how much physiotherapy input you will need. They will also help you with a home exercise program to get you back up on your feet again and back to your sport or recreational activity as quickly as possible.


Steve Hines is a chartered physiotherapist with nine years experience working in professional sports, working with recreational athletes and people who have sustained occupational injury. Steve is highly skilled at assessing and diagnosing your injury, and designing you a treatment plan that will get you fit and active again.


Steve has helped to rehabilitate numerous different conditions such as broken legs, broken ankles, ACL reconstructions, muscle strains and ligaments sprains. Invariably most if not all people get back to the activity that they want to, however some people do need to readjust their goals and choose less demanding sports or activities. However, Steve is adamant that all people can get back to exercise after any type of injury when they have the right treatment and rehabilitation plan.


If you have recently sustained an injury that is keeping you out of your sport contact Steve today for an assessment and treatment plan. He will help you get back on your feet and back to your sporting passions quickly as possible. Steve is available forphysiotherapy  in Balham, South West London or by special appointment is available to travel to meet you.

Managing Low Back Pain

low back painMany people will certainly experience a minimum of one installment of discomfort in the back in their life time. It is just one of the wellness problems that happens frequently. The discomfort could seem like merely a stab in the lumbar area, a sharp discomfort or a throbbing pain. Sometimes pain in the back progressively settles by itself after a couple of days or weeks. At other times, it ends up being a lot more lasting and can persist for months.

Frequently, pain in the back stays in the back alone. At various other times, the discomfort starts to radiate to several of the extremities, triggering discomfort in the legs or arms. This discomfort is generally from a nerve that is impinged and could be accompanied by various other sensations, such as feeling numb, prickling or muscular tissue weakness.

Various health care problems could trigger pain in the back. It is likely that there is an injury or stress to the muscular tissues that creates uncomfortable spasms. Often, however, the trouble is with the bones, joints or nerves in the lumbar spine.

Often, pain in the back will disappear without any kind of procedure. This healing process could be assisted by taking an anti-inflammatory medication and resting. It is essential not to remain in bed more than a couple of days, however, because that simply makes the disorder worse.

Pain in the back that does not improve after a couple of days has to be managed by a reading physiotherapist. The client ought to look for instant clinical expertise if the discomfort happens unexpectedly after an injury. If the back discomfort is coupled with a bladder or bowel  incontinence or leg numbness, the affected individual needs to see to a doctor right away. There are some major clinical problems that could create severe pain in the back. It is very important to have a medical examination if the pain in the back does not vanish after a couple of weeks of treatment in order to dismiss much more severe possible sources, featuring certain kinds of cancer cells.

There are numerous kinds of therapies used for much more intense discomfort. Normally, the preliminary therapy is making use of cool treatment to help lower the swelling. After the very first day, this cooling treatment could be rotated with warmth to urge the tissue to cool down. Various other procedures could feature moderate intensity workouts, various other medicines like muscular tissue relaxers, chiropractic modifications, massage therapy and bodily treatment.

Persistent pain in the back that lasts for lots of months often calls for a lot more hostile therapies. A doctor could utilize cortisone treatments and even think about surgical treatment, depending upon the reason for the pain in the back. If it is judged that the source of the back discomfort is degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc, this is often the situation. There are many possible sources of back discomfort. Any sort of individual who experiences chronic back discomfort requires to make certain their medical professional clears any kind of major hidden clinical disorders.



Macro Nutrients for Sports

nutritionistEating a varied and balanced diet should provide you with the nutrients you required to take part in sport. The main nutrients you need our protein, fat, carbohydrate, and vitamins and minerals.




You required protein for the good working order of the musculo-skeletal system, circulatory system and nervous system. If you exercising regularly,be it training in the gym or playing competitively, your daily protein requirements are higher than people who live a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. You will get most of the protein you need from your diet. However, your protein intake can be increased by taking protein supplements if needed.


Major sources of protein include meat, fish, poultry, seafood, eggs, milk and cheese and should be eaten at each main meal. Vegetarians and those who do not always wish to eat animal products need to be particularly careful to select a variety of protein sources such as beans, soya products, lentils and nuts that meet your nutrient requirements. Selecting a moderate sized protein portion at lunch and dinner should adequately meet your need.



Fat is an essential part of the diet but your intake should be controlled. There are good fats and bad fats, obviously you need to eat more of the good fats. It is also very easy to eat too much of the bad fats from processed, convenience and take-away foods.


As fat provides essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins which are all required for health, your diet should includes small amounts of fat and oils, such as oily fish, olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.




Carbohydrate is the most important energy source for exercise because it is the only fuel that can power intense exercise for prolonged periods. It is important to start every training session and game with optimal stores of muscle and liver glycogen. This can be achieved by eating plenty of starchy carbohydrate foods directly after your training sessions and in the meals before your next training session or game.


You should aim to eat;

  • Whole grain breads, pittas, wraps and crisp breads
  • Breakfast cereals such as muesli or porridge and cereal bars
  • Pasta, rice, couscous, bulgur wheat, gnocchi, noodles
  • Root vegetables e.g. potatoes, sweet potato, parsnips, butternut squash
  • Beans, pulses and lentils
  • Fresh and dried fruits.
  • All types of fresh and dried fruits


For more information contact sports nutritionist london for your free nutritional consultation.

Warming Up the Upper Body For Strength Training

Before you train in the gym your physiotherapist should assess your upper body biomechanics and muscle imbalances. These will include:


  • Shoulder flexion / thoracic extension
  • Gleno-humeral joint range of movement
  • Cervical range of movement
  • Pelvis and lumbar spine biomechanics


It is important you correct any of these imbalances before you undertake an upper body exercise programme or you will be at a higher risk of injury.


Flexibility work


Prior to exercise always start with fascial release, mobilisation and dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches do not lead to great gains in flexibility but increase the pliability of the soft tissues without deceasing strength / power potential.


If appropriate, do fascial release, dynamic, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation  (PNF) and then static stretches if doing a pure flexibility session. Static stretches lead to greater gains in flexibility, but neurologically inhibit muscles – thus not ideal prior to exercise unless you are trying to switch off an overactive muscle.


Low back 

  • Release the TLF, the TFL can be up to 3 inches thick.
  • Low Russian twist 20 reps
  • Windmill 20 reps


Thorax mobilisation

  • Tx foam roller mobs – horizontal and vertical


Rotator cuff stretches

  • Seated internal and external rotation of the shoulder.


Pec Major and minor

  • Pec major stretch with Swiss ball arm at 90 deg – position the ball close to the GH joint.
  • Pec min stretch Swiss ball arm at 130 deg – drop the shoulder below the arm.


Lat stretch

  • Lat stretch, kneeling with the palms up on Swiss ball, drop torso and head through the arms – maintain ER of the arms


Neck stretches (no dynamic stretches)

  • Traps – side tilt the head with overpressure.
  • SCM – anchor the shoulder; tip the head back, then look up and away from the side to be stretched.
  • Lev scap Static stretch – reach behind the shoulder baldes with one hand, with the head look over the opposite shoulder, then down in to the armpit


Steve Hines is a sports physiotherapist in Balham. You can contact him at his website for more information.


Simple Food Rules

Acid / alkaline foods table

The pH of your body is important for health. You blood pH should be between 7.35 and 7.45 which is very slightly alkaline. Certain foods are acidic and others are alkaline, so aim to eat slightly more of the alkaline foods.These includedates, figs, melons, grapes, papaya, kiwi, lemons, watermelon, limes, grapefruit, mangoes, apples, raisins, avocado, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes asparagus, onions, parsley, spinach, broccoli, garlic, green beans, celery, lettuce, courgette, sweet potato and lentils, Almonds, chestnuts and coconut milk, Amaranth, millet, quinoa.

Eat less Wheat, spelt, brown rice, white rice, corn, oats, buckwheat, rye, white flour, pastries, pasta, Fish and Shellfish, bacon, Beef, Chicken, Liver, Lamb, Veal


Antioxidant foods


When you exercise you create free radicals that can damage you body. By eating foods that are rich in antioxidants you can reduce the damage done by free radicals. These foods are rich in antioxidants and include prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, kale, strawberries, spinach, and raspberries.


Lean and mean


All humans should have a low percentage of body fat. Fat is not just an unsightly inert substance that sits on your body. It does not just serve as a reservoir of energy to be called upon when needed for energy. Fat is metabolic tissue that can cause all manner of things to happen in your body.


  • Fat cells release the hormone leptin that affects appetite.
  • Fat cells release inflammatory chemicals disrupting the uptake of sugar and burning of fat.
  • Fat cells release chemicals that clot your blood and increase your blood pressure.
  • Fat cells also convert male hormones to female hormones.

Common food intolerances


Food intolerances create inflammation in the body much the same as intense exercise does. By reducing your exposure to common food intolerances you can reduce the amount of inflammation you get and help protect you muscle, bones and joints.

  • Cow’s milk
  • Yeast
  • Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Soy

Food Myths


Fats are bad for you – essential fats are exactly that – essential! Omega 3 fats from fish, nuts and seeds reduce inflammation and provide raw material for testosterone and cortisol synthesis (important hormones for exercise).


Protein can’t be digested well and will sit in your stomach. Gastric emptying is 2-4 hours, transit time is 24-48 hours – therefore there will always be some “food” inside you unless you fast for a day or two.


Steve Hines who is an expert London nutritionist, say that you cannot get all your nutrition from food alone. This is simply not true and you will need to take some supplements like a multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin D.


Steve Hines can be contacted at www.TheFrontLineOfNutrition.com


Say Goodbye To Your Cellulite

Lumpy cellulite can begin to appear on women and even some men once they reach their 30s and beyond. Some people have even been plagued with cellulite in their 20s. It is a very embarrassing feature, and not many people have embraced the cottage cheese or dimples on their legs, thighs and even stomach. These people tend to seek out treatments and solutions that will allow them to say goodbye to their cellulite for good.

What Exactly Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing more than fat deposits that stay very close to the skin. These fat deposits are unlike other types of fat in the body that travel farther away from the surface of the skin. Because these fat deposits are located close to the skin or within the skin, they cannot be removed through exercise or diet alone.

celulitisGenetics and aging both play a role in a person’s chance of developing cellulite. Women suffer with the condition more than men do, and if a woman has cellulite chances are her mother also had cellulite.

As the body ages the circulatory system is not as effective and blood vessels can become damaged. When the vessels that bring nutrients to the skin are not healthy, cellulite becomes more apparent.
However, there are several natural ways that you can reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Exfoliate With Coffee Grounds

Instead of relying on gimmicky sales ads that promise cellulite can be removed with a special cream, use items that are already in your home. Used coffee grounds are excellent for exfoliating, and the body scrub is environmentally friendly as well. Coffee grounds are effective in removing cellulite because the caffeine acts as vasodialtor that constricts the skin and reduces the appearance of pockets of cellulite.

Drink Water

Fresh clean water is beneficial to your body in many ways and it is also beneficial in reducing the appearance of cellulite on the body. Skin that is hydrated properly will remain firm. The water will also help to push toxins and fat out of the body. When skin is hydrated properly it is radiant and it glows.

Eat Foods That Are Rich In Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of antioxidants. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as apples, berries, tomatoes and peppers are loaded with antioxidants.
Antioxidants are necessary to keep collagen levels in the skin at an optimal level. Collagen is necessary so skin will stay soft and strong.

You can begin saying adios celulitis today by eating a healthy diet and increasing your water intake. Your body will become healthier from the inside out. Natural home treatments will also help reduce the appearance of cellulite in problem areas.

For more information go to this website:



The Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Most experts agree that if a person consumes a diet that is calorie controlled and exercises at least three times a week for one hour excess fat can be loss and weight can be maintained. In fact, the more intense the aerobic exercises are, the smaller the abdomen will become.

lose belly fatIt is important to remember that your metabolism must stay running at an optimal level so that fat does not have the opportunity to be stored on the body. It will be converted into energy that the body can use. When fat is stored on the body, weight gain follows.

When you decide that you want to eliminate the fat that is around your belly, it should not only be an exercise in vanity. Getting rid of the extra fat can improve your quality of life and increase your lifespan. Belly fat has been linked to several health conditions including:

• Heart disease
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Dementia

In order to prevent the onset of these diseases, it is imperative that you combine healthy eating with exercises that will ward off belly fat. There are several simple exercises that you can add to your exercise routine.

Navasana (Boat Pose)

Anyone who enjoys yoga will understand how this pose can help fight off belly fat. There are many examples of this pose online, and a yoga instructor can demonstrate this pose for you. The most important thing to remember is that your spine must stay straight the entire time you are in the pose. Beginners may have to bend their knees in order to keep their spines straight.


If you are looking for a high intensity exercise, try kickboxing. This is an excellent aerobic exercise that will have your heart pumping. Every muscle in the body will work during a kickboxing session, and the exercise is a great way to get rid of belly fat.

The Bicycle Exercise

This is one of the most popular abdominal floor exercises for getting rid of belly fat. The exercise works so well because of the stabilization of the abs while the legs rotate up and down.

The Plank

The plank is another great exercise if you want to lose fat around your middle. Once again it is an exercise that focuses on the stabilization of the abdominal muscles. However, it also works muscles in your back as well.

When you are starting a weight loss plan, it is important to remember to set goals that are realistic and achievable. This will help keep you motivated while you notice the excess fat shrinking from around your belly.

Incorporate Outdoor Fitness into Your Life

It is a well-known fact that women usually place themselves last on their list of priorities. They will spend time with their family, jobs and other responsibilities and they will not take time out for themselves. When you do not take care of yourself properly it can affect every area of your life including:

• Mentally
• Physically
• Emotionally

This is why it is important that women make the necessary sacrifice and take time out of their day for fitness. As busy as you are you may believe this task will be impossible to complete. Adding fitness to your daily routine is much easier than you think when you consider all the advantages that outdoor fitness can bring.

You Can Combine Outdoor Fitness With A Current Activity

fitness and weight lossFor women who do not seem to have a spare moment for any type of fitness routine can easily combine exercise with an activity that they do every day. For example, do you walk your dog one or more times a day? Why not add some fitness to the walking routine by walking at a faster rate for a long period of time? Walking at a moderate pace for at least 20 minutes every day can increase your cardiovascular health and help increase muscle tone.

You can use this same tip if your children’s school is within walking distance. Instead of driving the half mile or mile, walk your children to school. It may be necessary to wake up a little earlier so they arrive on time, but you will be able to get your daily dose of exercise as well as spend a few more precious moments with your children.

Most people believe that in order for them to exercise properly they must join a gym. This simply is not true. You can take advantage of small windows of opportunity to add fitness into your life, and the combination of fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun will help improve your mood.

Take Advantage Of New Trends In Outdoor Fitness

One of the most popular outdoor fitness trends for women is boot camps. These types of programs are designed to get women to exercise outside with a ‘drill sergeant’ pushing them all of the way. Exercise boot camps are offered in gyms around the country, but reading boot camp is usually held in a park or other public outdoor area.

These camps offer women the opportunity to work out with friends, family and coworkers. It is a fun way to exercise without actually feeling like you are working out.

Fitness Quests are also a way to enjoy outdoor fitness. These quests allow women to discover their own personalized journeys while enjoying various outdoor activities.

There are many options for women who want to enjoy outdoor fitness.


Find an activity you can easily add to your daily routine and get the exercise that your body needs.

The Health Benefits of Personal Training

personal trainingWhile the cost of using a personal fitness trainer was once prohibited except for the super wealthy, today they are available at an affordable price for nearly everyone. In fact, the benefits of personal training offer more than just developing a sleek trim body, but offer an exciting way to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Exactly why would an individual want to use a personal trainer in their efforts to get fit, when they can simply exercise for free? For many individuals, answering to another individual provides the necessary motivation they need to lose weight effectively. In addition, a personal fitness trainer develops an effective plan for their clients to help them reach their health fitness goals while reducing the potential of injury.

A personal trainer understands the best equipment to use, and how to teach his or her client how to use them correctly. Even the expense involved in hiring an effective personal trainer can provide motivation. Prices charged by a personal trainer vary depending on location, where trainers in urban areas tend to charge more than in rural communities. A personal trainer in the city of London can be extremely expensive but in rural areas they are much cheaper.However, price should not be the only factor in determining the best personal trainer to hire.


It is essential to ensure that the personal trainer you hire has been certified and holds the proper credentials. There are numerous respected organizations that provide credentials including the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) along with the ACE (American Council on Exercise).

Developing Effective Goals

An efficient personal fitness trainer qualified in their field understands the limits of every client they work with, and can develop an effective plan to reach their client’s goals. In addition to ensuring that the client is exercising properly, the trainer can also incorporate nutrition and psychological motivation to ensure maximum results.

Many personal trainers have the ability to work with individuals with special needs and make specific modifications in their exercise program to avoid putting anyone at risk. Any client suffering from a medical condition needs to discuss their workout routine with their physician before beginning a workout program.


It is best to select a personal trainer that meets your specific needs, and is considered a “good match.” This is because developing a strong relationship between the client and personal fitness trainer is essential to the end result. Do not be afraid to ask pertinent questions and find a trainer that offers a comfortable workout environment.